Checkout quick tutorial, how to enrich your dungeon with the light of the coke oven. Step by step mine brazier.

Running the deepest Underdark adventures I always ask myself: what is the source of light? And here, I like to share with you all quick guide for mine brazier. I’ve started from simple LED light.

A bit of PVA glue and some stone topping did the first part of a job.

The next step is to use popsicle sticks or other soft wood to make a metal basket. You need to cut two sizes of them and glue them to the led light.

After that you need to wait a bit. Make sure your stones are well attached to the plastic cover of LED light. We need to add black base paint on it.

Try to avoid putting paint on the LED diode itself.

In result you should get black braizer.

It already looks nice even without any additional work, but…

With a grain of silver or copper layer it will look more proper for deep Underdark.

I’ve also added copper chain around braizer.

It is also good idea to put a light drop of yellow paint around dark coal parts in the center. LED glow will be more bright. Quick black dry brushing on metal parts will make everything older.

And here is the final result! Enjoy!



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