In dark woods of Gajen there are places when shadows fills the air. In the night strange things moves between the trees and you pray to make the campfire long. Just to don’t go into the darkness. Don’t go to meet eyes of nightmares.

Let’s build a safe place for our heroes! Lets light the campfire!

We are starting with common LED lights, which you can find in markets. First you have to remove the cover of light. If you’re lucky, it will be easy. I was and it has been very quick job, so I could start dealing with foam and glue.

You will need a number of small polystyrene foam blocks – those will work as stones around central fireplace. Try to glue them leaving little space around LED diode.


During stones cuts you will probably find some foam trashes laying around – don’t throw them away! Take you hot glue gun and create nice layer around LED. Then drop those small bits around. This will show up later as embers and ash.

Now you can also take some nice and very small sticks. Glue them over embers to shape central part of your campfire.

Time for base paint!

I decided to paint everything (except the diode of course) with black base. You could try to use burned umber as base on sticks, but really you can add it as a layer on black base later – no problem at all.

Now make a coffee, take a walk, find optional quest in local bar.

When you’re base paint is dry, take dry brush. For stones I’ve used two layers of grey – first dark one and a little bit later lighter version. It was almost white to be honest. For planks / sticks I’ve took burnt uber with a little drop of white paint.

The very crusial bit, was regarding warm yellow highlight. And you definitly should try do the same. So when you stones and burnt wood looks nice take a little drop of warm yellow color and apply it with dry brush. Do that on LED diode, central part of sticks and even on stone edges exposed to light outbreaks.

You will end up with something like this…

Happy? I hope you are! And your players will enjoy campfire in Dark Woods of Gajen!

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