Evil Woods crafting

Hello again! Here I like to share with you one of the main crafting parts of “Dark Woods of Gajen”, which are the Trees. There is a number of them. And each got its own nature, shape, fill.

But to the point! You will need few nice parts of foam. Since we like to have trees standing on 2×2” base you should find styro. with around 2” thick.

Cut those into cuboids with height between 2” – 9” – depends on how big tree you like to have.

And now quick jump. I will show this in more detail on my video. In general you have to cut foam to shape tree. So first shape a cylinder keeping in mind that you will cut a hole at the bottom to put LED light.  Then use some kind of chisel and punch bark texture. This should rough so no worries, it can’t go wrong.

And here how it looks from back side…

I’ve added white sticks with hot glue to emphasise old age of those woods. Don’t try to have very similar looking tree faces. I’ve good once with horned kind of head and many different.

How to shape the face? I’ve got no idea.

What I did it was very simple quick decision that I like to have something looking like old thinker. What is good here, those are trees, right? So it really doesn’t need to look like perfect cute face.

Keep in mind you will also need some pure trunks. Maybe with hollows and mushrooms. So cut them as well.

So you should end up with a number of those kind of sculptures.

Here you should try to put LED light inside of those, which may be enchanted. One important thing – do not glue LED light inside of tree! You will need first to put base paint inside. Then you can glue.

I strongly recommend to use burnt umber as base coat.  It looks very nice. And even without additional layers it is already playable – at least for me

You will need to wait some time until base paint dry. Then suggest to use dry brush technique with lighter version of this brown color.

Keep in mind to put a bit of a paint inside of tree holes. It will look very nice later.

And basically here you have it! Enjoy!

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